Daniel Lie

Daniel Lie, Foto Camila Svenson

Daniel Lie, born 1988, is trans/non-binary and lives and works in Berlin. In 2013 Lie graduated from São Paulo University in Brazil with a degree in Fine Art and Education. In 2019, Lie participated in the Darmasiswa Indonesian Scholarship, a year-long fellowship programme in traditional Indonesian dance. Lie’s work has been included in group exhibitions at Berlinische Galerie, Berlin, DE (2021), Berlin Atonal Festival, Berlin, DE (2021), Sculpture Garden, Geneva Biennale, Geneva, CH (2022), and the Singapore Biennale, SG (2023). Solo exhibitions include Künstlerhaus Bethanien, Berlin, DE (2021), KfW Stiftung, Frankfurt, DE (2022), and the New Museum, New York, US (2022). In 2021, Daniel Lie launched Rotten TV, a digital project supported by the British Council Digital Fund.

Daniel Lie’s work includes performances, illustrations, and large-scale installations. “Non-human beings” such as bacteria, fungi, plants, and minerals are the actors in Lie’s work, which often stages decay as a means of visualizing the processual. Natural cycles of transformation as well as the interdependence within ecological processes of exchange are rendered strikingly visible. Through ecosystems, the coexistence of different living beings is brought into focus, highlighting a continuous participation in the processes of life, death, and decomposition.

Daniel Lie, Cópia de 2022, courtesy of the artist and Carnegie Museum of Art. Photo: Sean Eaton
Daniel Lie, Unnamed Entities, New Museum, 2022, NYC/USA
Daniel Lie, Sculpture Garden, "THEM" at Sculpture Garden: Geneva Biennale 2022, Geneva/Switzerland, Foto Julien Gremaud