Wisrah C. V. da R. Celestino

@Flavio Pescatori

Wisrah C. V. da R. Celestino was born 1989 in Buritizeiro, Brazil. Through score, sculp-ture, text, photography, sound, and video, the artist addresses the remaining structures of the transatlantic colonial project, focusing on institutional critique, language, and ob-jecthood. Their work has been shown in Germany and internationally, including exhibi-tions at Kunsthal Charlottenborg (Denmark), Galerie Molitor (Germany), Kunsthal Nord (Denmark), Museu Nacional da República (Brazil), Institut für Auslandsbeziehungen (Ger-many), Curitiba Biennial (Brazil), and Oscar Niemeyer Museum (Brazil).  

Celestino was awarded numerous grants, prizes, residencies, and fellowships, amongst them Pampulha Grant, Brazil (Belo Horizonte Municipal Foundation for Culture), Ducarto Prize, Italy; Hochschule für Bildende Künste Braunschweig, Germany (Ministry of Science and Culture of the Lower Saxony); La Becque, Switzerland (The Swiss Arts Council Pro Helvetia); PACT Zollverein, Germany (JUNCTIONS); British Council, UK; and Pivô, Brazil. Their 2024 exhibitions include a solo show Kunstverein Kevin Space, Vienna, and group shows at São Paulo Museum of Art, Brazil.  

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