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Since 1999 work of young artists, former ars viva price winners of the Cultural Group of the German Economy, are presented. These artists realize localised installations at the Kunstfenster, which spreads over two floors,

The exhibition room can be seen from the outside and has the role of an artistic shop window that is noticeable at all times. With these exhibitions the Cultural Group addresses employees and guests of the house as well as the interested public.

The Kunstfenster can be visited during our office times and after applications by phone.

Simon Denny


Simon Denny - Extractor

Özlem Günyol & Mustafa Kunt

The Image Without the Image

Özlem Günyol & Mustafa Kunt - The Image Without the Image - Foto: Alexander Grennigloh
© Marcel Schwickerath
©  Marcel Schwickerath
 © Simon Dybbroe Møller/Archiv Kulturkreis

Daniel Pflumm

Daniel Pflumm  - © Archiv Kulturkreis

David Zink Yi

Ohne Titel

David Zink Yi  - Ohne Titel - © Archiv Kulturkreis
© Archiv Kulturkreis

Michael Sailstorfer


Michael Sailstorfer - Hangover - © Archiv Kulturkreis

Peter Piller


Peter Piller - Having  - © Archiv Kulturkreis

Takehito Koganezawa


Takehito Koganezawa - polyrhythm - © Archiv Kulturkreis

Heike Baranowsky


Heike Baranowsky  - probe - Installationsansicht: Heike Baranowsky "probe", Kunstfenster im BDI, Berlin 2008 © Archiv Kulturkreis
© Roman Maerz
© Archiv Kulturkreis

Antje Schiffer

Antje Schiffer  - © Anje Schiffer/Archiv Kulturkreis

Rupprecht Matthies

Rupprecht Matthies - © Archiv Kulturkreis

Gisela Bullacher

Heidi Specker

Big City Set

Heidi Specker - Big City Set - © Archiv Kulturkreis

Daniel Plumm

Daniel Plumm - © Daniel Pflumm/Archiv Kulturkreis