Paul Kolling

Shaun Motsi

Leyla Yenirce

Paul Kolling, Photo: Paul Kolling; Leyla Yenirce, Photo: Ralf Köster; Shaun Motsi, Photo: Shaun Motsi, 2022

The winners of the ars viva 2023 prize for Visual Arts have been announced: The Kulturkreis der deutschen Wirtschaft im BDI e. V. (Association of Arts and Culture of the German Economy at the Federation of German Industries e. V.) awards this year’s prize to Paul Kolling (*1993), Shaun Motsi (*1989), and Leyla Yenirce (*1992).

This year’s award includes exhibitions at Goethe-Institut Paris and the Haus der Kunst in Munich. Each artist receives a 5,000 Euro stipend. In addition, the Kulturkreis will produce a bilingual catalogue published by Kerber Verlag. The jury selected this year’s awardees from 43 nominated artists under the age of 35.

Goethe-Institut Paris

Eröffnung: September 16, 2022

Haus der Kunst, München

Opening: spring/summer 2023